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About Us

When Labs was founded to focus on the problem of unpredictability.

We noticed there were a lot of solutions for making plans
but no solutions for handling the inevitable changes to plans.

We saw managers spending an ever increasing percentage of their time
 on "allocation" - changing who is allocated to do which task when.

So we decided to help.

We created technology where managers can just push a button
 - like calling Uber or Lyft - 
and say how many people they need when.
And employees can just text back and forth, saying when they can work 
and when they need to take personal time or can't work for other reasons.

We made that technology into what we call
 a "digital manager"
and gave it a name, "Gustaf".

And worked through some of the most toughest issues in labor law and union rules
to teach Gustaf how to manage when things were at their most complex.

We hope that Gustaf will be helpful to you and your teams.
We're based in San Francisco, CA and in beautiful Victoria, BC in Canada,
and happy to support you wherever your locations are 

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